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Limassol’s Old Carob Mill

The Carob Mill in Limassol was built in 1900, at a time when carobs were a major export of Cyprus. They were used to make a wide variety of products such as photographic filmplates, medicines, sweets and chocolates. The machinery used in processing the carobs is preserved and displayed in a renovated building, blending the authentic atmosphere of the past with the sophisticated hightech look of the present. The Carob Mill area has been divided into a complex of two distinct areas: the first area consists of the restored Carob Mill and the second houses the Evagoras Lanitis Centre, an arts and exhibitions area.

The Old Carob Mill is located in the town centre near the old port, on Vasilissis Street (behind Limassol Mediaeval Castle).
Operating Hours: Open daily
Operating Period: All year round
Tel: +357 25 342 123
Entrance Fee: Free entrance

Courtesy of the CTO

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