Whats OnFilms“Athienou Lace – Yesterday-Today” film focuses on village's famous craft

“Athienou Lace – Yesterday-Today” film focuses on village’s famous craft

“Athienou Lace – Yesterday-Today” is a film focusing on the techniques, production of raw materials and trade of the village’s famous craft.

The special handmade lace is known as ‘Venis’ lace (or ‘pittotes’) and Athienou Lace (or ‘oloplouma’).

In a written statement this week, Athienou Muncipality welcomed the film production and said:

“The film historically presents the art of Athienou’s special embroidery, production of raw materials and trade of the lace which was introduced to the area during the Venetian rule of the island.

“The film also focuses on how the art and trade of lace and embroidery flourished in the 20th century along with the revival of the production of the Athienou lace in 2002.”

“Athienou Lace – Yesterday-Today” is dedicated to all those Athienou women who kept alive the art of lace embroidery during hard times and handed over this cultural inheritance to younger generations,” the statement also said.

The lace craft has been recognised as part of the village’s unique heritage and added to the UNESCO National Intangible Cultural Heritage List.

To watch the film’s trailer go to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NQh4O37SV-M

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