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Eleouthkia Park

Eleouthkia Traditional, Botanical and Entertainment Park is the first botanical park in Cyprus. The Park is situated in Anarita village, near the Anarita/Airport exit at the Limassol to Paphos Highway. The name “Eleouthkia”, which in Cypriot Greek means small olive trees, was chosen due to the fact that throughout the years the specific location in Anarita village has always been full of olive groves. The Park is 20.000 square meters big and in its 10 thematic gardens there are featured almost 55.000 plants and flowers from all over the world as well as some endemic plants of Cyprus.

Built on the ancient “Eleoudia” settlement in Anarita, Eleouthkia Park is a magnificent Park that revives Cyprus’s tradition and introduces the visitor to the magic of nature. At Eleouthkia Park you can meet and experience:
– The folkloric Traditional Museum
– The amazing Farm House
– The authentic, traditional Cypriot food
– The traditional professions and occupations
– The unusual tools of the Cypriot culture
– The genuine Cypriot food and drink party

Eleouthkia Park is equipped with two playgrounds, a children’s swimming pool, lawn areas for playing, various games for kids of all ages, table football, skateboards, rollers, bicycles and many more so your kids can have a wonderful time and numerous activities to choose from.

Surrounded by its magnificent gardens, the Park has three (3) venues capable of welcoming your special events; the Main indoor venue, the Outdoor grass area and the Roof-garden. Each one is unique and has all the facilities for a dazzling night and an unforgettable experience full of flavors and entertainment. Since its inauguration on March 2009, the venues at Eleouthkia Park have hosted more than 500 wedding, engagement, christening and birthday parties.

Get a piece of Cyprus’s tradition back home! “Traditional Corner” is a wonderful souvenir shop with homemade sweets and jams, herbal teas, honey, syrups, local drinks and traditional delicacies, olive oil products and flavored rusks and many more delicious products and souvenirs!

ELeouthkia park, Limassol-Paphos highway, Anarita-Airport exit, Anarita, Paphos
70005650 / 26423250
E-mail: [email protected]

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