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Diving in Limassol

– Lady Thetis Wreck
Lady Thetis was a recreational cruise vessel it was built in Germany and it was registered under the Cyprus flag.
The vessel has been deployed in Dasoudi area, in Limassol at around 21-23 meters depth.

– The fishing vessel Costandis  
The fishing vessel Constandis that was operated as a bottom trawler and was built in USSR in 1989. Its original Russian name was “Zolotets”.
It was registered under the Cyprus flag in 1997 and operated in international waters in the Eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea for a short period of time.
The fishing vessel Costandis was deployed in Nature Reserve Area Dasoudi, Limassol Cyprus at around 25 meters depth.

– Akrotiri fish reserve diving site
Open water (OW) qualification required. Access is by boat.
This fish reserve near Akrotiri offers a fascinating opportunity to interact with local marine life. At some 9 metres, this dive is suitable for all divers who can hand feed groupers, moray eels, bream and bass and admire the octopus. Visibility is some 30 metres.

– The Three Stars wreck diving site  
Open water (OW) qualification required. This wreck, which caught fire and ran aground in 1972, is partly submerged in some 7 metres of water in the Akrotiri area.
A very interesting exploratory wreck dive for all levels, the vessel, is safe to enter.


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