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Air Sports in Limassol

The excellent weather conditions prevailing in Cypurs, for more than 330 flyable days per annum, offer ideal conditions for airsport activities.

The Cyprus Airsports Federation offers the opportunity for sightseeing, pleasure flying and flight training.
Tel +357 22339771, e-mail: [email protected], website:

The Cyprus Airsports Federation is a member of the FAI and its annual events include National Aerorallies, trips to the Greek Islands and the neighbouring countries, Parachuting, Hang-Gliding, Pra-Gliding and Aeromodelling championships.

Get in touch with:

Stavros Kypragoras tel +357 99643068

Hang Gliding
Sotos Christoforou tel +357 99606211

Demetris Antoniou tel +357 99406507

Power Flying
Ioannis Papaiakivou tel +357 99429879

Apostolos Prastitis tel +357 99677719


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