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Traditional Fishing

Lovers of fishing will find that Larnaka is the ideal destination for enjoying this relaxing pastime. Take part in an organised and guided fishing trip from the many on offer, or – If you prefer to fish alone and in tranquillity – Larnaka’s dams and the sea road of Piale Pashia all offer beautiful sea views… and an idyllic spot to wait for your ‘catch of the day’!

Traditional Fishing Boat Trip

The quaint seaside village of Zygi attracts both locals and visitors to its picturesque fishing harbour and its famous fresh fish restaurants. To discover where the island’s delicious seafood comes from, a traditional fishing trip with Zygi Boat Adventures from the harbour will demonstrate the traditional fishing methods that are still used to this day. And after being regaled by the fishermen’s stories of the sea, the trip culminates with the freshest lunch, thanks to your ‘catch of the day’!

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