Sea Yoga

]SUP Yoga is the ultimate in outdoor yoga and truly puts you at one with the region’s beautiful and calm seas for a unique and tranquil experience.

Using large and sturdy Stand Up Paddleboards (SUP boards) to balance on, the sport offers the added challenge and dimension of a yoga class and is a great way to build strength in your core muscles, as well as improve balance. Anyone can benefit with or without prior yoga or SUP experience.

The classes are typically around 60 minutes long, incorporating a warm-up class on the beach, followed by a brief on SUP Yoga and a class out at sea that finishes with seated relaxation. Bliss!

If you would like to try SUP Yoga, there are sessions run by Windsurfcity Cyprus on McKenzie beach and by the kitsurfing schools KiteMed Kitesurfing School and Kahuna Surfhouse, both located on Softades – Kiti beach.


Courtesy of the CTO

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