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Riverland Bio Farm

Climbing, archery, pony riding, shooting, kayaking, walking on nature trail, egg harvesting, grazing, animal feeding and milking

In the cafeteria you will find all of their products and various beverages, your favorite coffee and breakfast.

1. Goat milk
2. Cow’s milk
3. Provio milk
4. Halloumi
5. Anari
6. Slice
7. Kefir
8. Hairan
9. Yogurt
10. Trachanas
11. Ice cream
12. Eggs
13. Honey
14. Olive oil
15. Olives (black and green)
16. vegetables (tomatoes, cucumbers, etc.)
* All without exception our products are organic and their methods of processing environmentally friendly

Kampia Village, Cyprus
Tel. 99592598
Hours: 10;00 – 18:00

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