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Animal Safaris

Meet the island’s four-legged friends and discover Larnaka’s countryside in an alternative way with an enjoyable camel, horse or donkey ride.

Located on the road between Kiti and Zygi, on the outskirts of Mazotos, the Camel Park (Tel: +357 24 991 243) offers a complete day out for all the family. Visitors can feed the camels and other assorted animals with bags of dried carob pods, and enjoy a camel trek or a donkey or pony ride around the park grounds. Aside from animals, the park also incorporates various children’s toys and activities, an outdoor swimming pool, a restaurant serving traditional Cypriot meals (also available for functions), and other facilities.

Horse riding is available at several venues in the region, including Drapia Farm in Kalavasos (Tel: +357 99 437 188), the Dhekelia Saddle Club (Tel: +357 24 744 293) or the Horse Leisure Club in Tersefanou (Tel: +357 99 673 768).

Alternatively, ride the Mediterranean equivalent of the horse – the donkey – around the beautiful countryside of the Golden Donkeys Farm in Skarinou (Tel: +357 99 620 736). This farm works hard to protect the donkey population of Cyprus and to acquaint people with this beautiful quadruped that was such an integral part of daily life for islanders in bygone times. Golden Donkeys Farm is one of the largest donkey farms in Europe, and combines Cypriot traditions and local pastimes with a fun, family day out where visitors can meet, feed and ride the donkeys, and enjoy a traditional Cypriot buffet at the restaurant.

Courtesy of the CTO

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