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Heaven on earth exists and it’s closer than you think. How else can you describe the following five places, which are different from any type of holiday or accommodation we know?

In this article, we will not talk about five-star hotels, we will talk only about places full of olive groves, farms, water lilies, luxurious camps and Mongolian tents all made in fairy tales.

Euphoria Art Land

Artificial lakes with water lilies, cacti gardens, eucalyptus, herbs, Mediterranean trees and other tropical plants coexist harmoniously in the surrounding area of ​​”Euphoria Art Land”, a fairytale settlement that you would not expect to see on our island.

Three houses – built on organic and bio-climatic architecture – each one with its own philosophy and style, influenced from the works of Spanish architect Gaudí, are ready to host and enchant you as soon as you enter.

If African vibes exhilarate you, choose to stay at “The Earth House,” a room with an individual bed and bathroom. The decoration is made up of natural materials such as tree bark and wood, river stones, recycled materials, woven and beautiful hand-made wooden doors with African motifs.

Then there is “The Color House,” a bright and colorful Mexican-Colombian mansion with colorful tree roots surrounding it, creating a truly magical scenery. It has a bathroom and two double beds that can accommodate up to four people. It is worth noting that all the furniture is handmade, from natural and recycled materials.

The last choice for your stay is “The Blue House”, which accommodates two people, with its double bed and bathroom. This house will take you to Morocco and India. Its stunning multicolored mosaics, turquoise color, handmade home appliances and decorative items, as well as artwork, make up a fairy-tale image.

Also: In a Balinese-style gazebo surrounded by eucalyptus, lotus, water lilies and goldfish lakes, under the sounds of nature, you will enjoy a relaxing massage from the hands of experts, which will fill you with energy. After that, a hot drink in the “Euphoria Lounge” is probably the ideal way to spend the day.

Accommodation cost: From €100 to €230.

Vasilikon 76, Pyrgos, Limassol. 97 743042.

Land of Dreams

In this gorgeous, award-winning and innovative multipurpose resort, you can spend as many nights as you like in one of the equipped wooden houses that have been built for you.

In a scenery that looks more like Scandinavia, you will take long strolls breathing fresh oxygen or hiking in the surrounding area, as well as enjoying organic fruit from the farm.

Its artificial lake hosts mainly trout, carp and, of course, the famous sturgeon. You can try your fishing skills there. Remember that for every fish you catch, you can pay for it and take it with you. If you prefer, you can ask the staff to cook it for you at the resort’s restaurant. You can participate, starting with the collection of materials to be used.

Also: Here, you will taste delicious smoky sturgeon and you will learn how to produce one of the most sought after and expensive caviars in the world, which is produced there by the owner of the farm Andreas Christofi.

Accommodation cost: “The Land of Dreams,” maintains a private vacation profile, where reservations, costs and holiday schedules are made after consultation with the owner and tailored to each client’s needs and program individually.

Kosti Christofi 77, Trimiklini, Limassol. 99 515497.

Cyprus Glamping Park

What do Rethymno, Larnaca, Moscow, San Diego and Plymouth have in common? They are all in Cyprus now.

Ok, I’ll stop confusing you.

These cities have inspired the owners of “Cyprus Glamping Park,” to name the five houses in their resort after them.

“Glamping” from the words Glamorous Camping, is a place that is similar to camping in terms of the environment, but without all the fuss.

The family studio, as well as the two bungalows and the two country houses, are not short in comfort and aesthetics. In this beautiful, private park with the olive trees, you will relax, while enjoying the lush landscape, leaving behind the stress of the city and everyday life.

You will lie down in the hammock, visit the vegetable garden where you can gather greens to make a salad in the kitchen of your accommodation, or even gather fresh eggs from the chicken coop. If you prefer, you can make a BBQ in the garden.

Also: The resort offers the possibility of renting a bicycle with a small daily charge. Baby cots are available if needed, while pets are welcome.

Accommodation cost: The houses can host four or six people and prices range from €60 to €80.

Ayios Theodoros Skarinou. 99 544514.

Aelia Wellness Retreat

A unique wellness centre surrounded by lovely gardens, which makes for the ultimate relaxation destination.

Each suite has a different décor, created with natural and environmentally friendly materials, organic shapes, natural colors and fragrances that create an atmosphere of tranquility. Suites are divided into deluxe and grand, overlooking the river or the mountain.

The services of “Aelia”, however, are not limited to luxury accommodation but extend to the field of physical and mental health. For this reason, a highly trained team consisting of a nutritionist, a psychologist, a yoga instructor, special spa therapists, a trainer and a distinguished chef, are at your disposal to meet your every need, with the ultimate goal of mind and body harmony.

Also: At Aelia Wellness Retreat you will enjoy spa therapies with award-winning and specialized products of the holistic approach. You can also participate in yoga, meditation, breathing techniques, riding lessons, canoeing, cycling, nordic walking, wellness seminars, organized picnics and cooking classes.

You can also do a DNA analysis in order to find your biological age!

Accommodation cost: Accommodation starts at €114 per night on weekdays and Sunday, and on Friday and Saturday at €132 euros per night. Costs also vary according to the treatments and the programme you will choose to follow.

Grigori Afxentiou, 150, Tseri-Analiontas, Nicosia. 22 015590.

Yurts in Cyprus

Yurts are nothing more but circular, spacious, luxurious and furnished tents, created in Mongolia with camel skin.

They have king size beds with cotton and sheep wool mattresses, personal showers on the outside, composting toilets, which work with recyclable materials instead of water.

The three Mongolian scenes, named Nasu, Engke, Qadan are located in magnificent and tranquil scenery in the countryside, near the bridge of Skarfou, in the villages Simou and Eureteou and can accommodate up to four people. They have between 50 and 80 meters between them, so the guests can enjoy being isolated.

The scenes are supplied by drilling water that works with the greywater system. Good water management rules are followed. At the same time, the electricity is produced from solar panels and is stored in batteries. Only environmentally friendly cleaning products are used, and if they wish, visitors can participate in the recycling process.

Also: You can order a meal your choice – at an extra charge, if you tell the owner, Pawel Sikorski, in advance. Please note that occasional music events, as well as yoga workshops, are organized there.

Accommodation cost: Prices this season start from €100 with breakfast. Your pet is welcome, at no extra charge.

Simou 8812, Paphos. 97 629148.


By Nicola Karatzia

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