ActivitiesFamagusta"Endless Sun" tours return for 27th year in free Famagusta area

“Endless Sun” tours return for 27th year in free Famagusta area

The ‘endless sun’ activity programme returns for a 27th year in the free Famagusta area.

Organised by Famagusta Tourism Board, the programme includes six different tours in a period of two weeks (three per week).

The tours will be repeated for the whole winter.

Famagusta Tourism Board director Lakis Avraamides said that “the aim of this programme is on one hand to organise activities for visitors during the winter months, where the weather conditions are not so ideal for going to the beach and swimming and on the other to guide them to the mainland to get to know our culture and traditions and come into contact with the locals.”

Each tour will cost 5 euro and “among others, visitors will have the chance to make their own bread in a traditional Cypriot oven and pick strawberries, oranges and potatoes. Additionally, they will learn how to make halloumi and other traditional Cypriot cheeses, they will visit archaeological sites, theme parks and will also participate in other activities and experiences,” Avraamides said.

Endless Sun started in 1992 after an initiative by Famagusta hoteliers who wanted to offer tourists something different than sun and beaches, especially during the winter months, Avraamides noted.

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