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There is a drug problem in the Army, says Defence Minister

There is a drug problem in the Army, Defence Minister Savvas Angelides acknowledged on Wednesday.

That’s why the National Guard cooperates with anti-drug organisations and the police in a bid to put an end to addictions, he added.

“The army is part of society, and, yes, there is a drug problem, I won’t try to hide it,” Angelides told journalists in Larnaca.

“We are doing all we can together with specialists on these issues, we are in full cooperation with KENTHEA and other organizations, with the Police and with the National Guard department dealing with this problem in a bid to jointly try to put an end to drug dependencies,” he added.

The Minister was talking at the end of a football match at Aek-Arena stadium which was part of the Cyprus Military Championship and whose slogan was: “We say NO to addictions, we take control of our Life”.

The championship was under the auspices of the Cyprus Football Federation which currently runs a campaign against drug addiction.

Kyriakos Veresies, who heads KENTHEA rehabilitation centre, expressed gratitude to the Minister of Defense, the National Guard and the Football Federation.

“Because they have embraced what we have believed for years now, that is, sports and especially football, play an essential role in youth maintaining a healthy lifestyle,” Veresies said.

KENTHEA works with the National Guard in the preventive stage but also in cases where therapy is needed, he added.

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