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The UK has specific reasons to be cautious when it comes to Cyprus’ sovereignty -spokesman

The United Kingdom has specific reasons to be cautious as regards its stance on the sovereign rights of the Republic of Cyprus due to the interest swhich it has pertaining Cyprus, as the President of Cyprus Nicos Anastasiades has himself noted, Government Spokesman Prodromos Prodromou has said, asked how the Republic of Cyprus will use the UN General Assembly resolution on the British bases in Mauritius.

Asked if the resolution can be linked with the discussions taking place with Britain on the issue of Cyprus` Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), the spokesman said that “the discussion with Britain is taking place on the basis of the fact that as the President of the Republic has noted, the UK has specific reasons to be cautious as regards its stance on the sovereign rights of the Republic of Cyprus due to the interests it has pertaining Cyprus. This remark made by the President speaks for itself,” he added.

Invited to say if the decision on Chagos Archipelago will be used by the Republic of Cyprus, the spokesman said that the President and the Foreign Minister have been clear that after the decision of the International Court of Justice the Republic of Cyprus has not opted to raise such an issue.

He recalled that President Anastasiades has said that discussions are taking place with the UK government as regards the stance which Britain maintains on the Turkish provocations in Cyprus` EEZ.

The President has sent a letter to Prime Minister May and the discussions are continuing, he added.

Moreover he noted that there was a change of the British position and the Foreign Minister has noted that the UK is expected to adopt a position based on the international law and the stance of the 28 EU member states.

Prodromou expressed the government`s position that discussions need to continue among the governments of Cyprus and the UK.

Asked if there is information that Turkey has proceeded with illegal drillings in the Cypriot EEZ and if diplomatic actions have changed the situation in view of the forthcoming European Council meeting, the spokesman said that “the Turkish violations and illegal actions unfortunately continue.”

He also noted that diplomatic and legal steps are being taken while the Republic of Cyprus uses the means at its disposal to defend itself and the interests of Cypriots against the Turkish illegal actions.

He also stressed that preventive measures were taken prior to Turkey`s illegal intervention in Cyprus` EEZ. Some of these preventive measures seem to bear fruit as regards the companies and individuals who may cooperate with Turkey in these illegal actions, he added.

Prodromou recalled that the European Council and the Commission have expressed their explicit support to Cyprus both last year and recently, looking into the possibilities for further preventive measures if Turkey continues to hold this stance.

The spokesman said that there will be an opportunity to discuss further steps during the next EU summit, adding that the informal EU Summit on May 28 will discuss the way forward for the EU, after the European elections.

With regard  to Cyprus` Energy programme, he recalled recent statements by Energy Minister Georgios Lakkotrypis.

Ankara has issued a navigational telex, announcing its intention to start drilling off Cyprus until September 3. The Turkish drill ship “Fatih” is located almost 40 nautical miles west of the Akamas peninsula and 83 nautical miles from the Turkish coast. The area falls within the EEZ and continental shelf of the Republic of Cyprus.

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