Culture & People Insider Views The list with Michalis Sofokleous

The list with Michalis Sofokleous

The beloved actor shows us his favourite spots in Nicosia, Protaras and his hometown Paphos.

Where do you usually have your morning coffee? At the Alea in Paphos. I love the quality of the coffee, the view and the smell of the sea.

What is your favourite yard in the city where you live? I live in Nicosia so I particularly like the yard of Patio Bar. It has nice interior decoration, lovely cocktails and of course Stephanos’ tasty tapas.

Where can someone have the best souvlaki? At Gennadios in Paphos.

How about the some restaurants offering some quality meze dishes? I would propose Ttapis tavern at Paralimni and Mousikos Tavern at Sotira.

Favourite restaurant near your house? Soukri’s kebab place in Paralimni (To Souvlaki tou Soukri). A relaxing space where amazing pansettas and souvlaki are served on cooking paper.

A hidden secret? The amazing ice-creams of Pingouino Café in Paphos.

Which restaurant stands out for you? Which dish do you order every time you visit it? I particularly like Muse for a number of reasons, especially for its view of the city from I usually order the chicken fillet with cream cheese.

Which is your favourite cuisine and which is the best place in Cyprus to enjoy it? I am a fan of Italian cuisine and the best Italian food for me is at the Pizzeria Italiana La Sardegna Da Gino. One should try the cream and prosciutto pizza cooked in the wood oven.

Most timeless spot? Yianna Marie.

Best cocktails? At Hugo’s in Nicosia.

Best sweets? At Yiayia Victoria. The Galaktoboureko (creamy custard pie) and ekmek kataifi are amazing.

What part of the island have you associated with your best memories over the years? The Mpania beach in Paphos is a place full of memories for me. That’s were we went biking with friend, fishing, and swimming. The highlight was falling from the quay to the water on our bicycles!

Alea, 4 Poseidonos Street, Paphos. Patio, 55 Megalou Alexandrou Street, Nicosia. Gennadios, 70 Apostolou Pavlou Street, Paphos. Ttapis, 92 Stadiou Street, Paralimni, Mousikos Tavern, 6 Kyriakou Matsi Street, , Sotira. To Souvlaki tou Soukri, Protaras Avenue. Pingouino Café, 9 Poseidonos kai Dionysou Street. Muse, 16Andrea Ioannou Street, Paphos. Pizzeria Italiana La Sardegna Da Gino, 70 Apostolou Pavlou Street. Yianna Marie, 21 Lefkollas Street, Protaras. Hugo, 59 Agiou Nikolaou Street, Nicosia. Yiayia Victoria, 80-82 Liperti Street, Nicosia.

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