in-cyprusThe Illusionist Alex Magu in Limassol

The Illusionist Alex Magu in Limassol

An incredible show of magic full of witty interactions and humour, hosted by one of the most acclaimed illusionists – Alexander Magu. Bear witness to the acts of metamorphosis, teleportation, levitation, vanishing into thin air, dramatic reappearance, mind-reading, predictions, and close-up wonders.

Additionally, expect to see a number of surprise performances whipping up elaborate feats for your enjoyment. Immerse yourself into the celebration of expert world-class illusion arts and step out of the boundaries of human capabilities.

LIVE SHOW will also be broadcasted on the LED screen to provide for an excellent visibility from any seat and the balcony.

For children under 12 years old – 5€ discount

Tickets available from:

+357 9916 54 51

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– – ( )

VIP show upgrade:
An exclusive show for limited number of guests willing to peek into the unknown and reboot their perception. Get on a lifetime adventure into the world of magic and even get a chance to become a part of it!

VIP show tickets include delicious appetizers, alcoholic beverages and refreshments.

VIP show from 21:15 – 22:00 at Pattihio Theatre Buffet Area.

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