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The IFA requests immediate attention to the standing demands of patients with liver disease

World Hepatitis Day is celebrated every year on July 28 and was established by the World Health Organization in order to inform and sensitize the population.

Hepatitis is a disease that rarely shows symptoms, but can lead to death if not diagnosed and treated promptly and effectively.

On the occasion of today’s World Day and with the main focus being on the defence of patients’ rights at a global and national level, the International Thalassemia Federation (IFA) strongly supports the standing demands of patients with liver disease, including the promotion of the integration of the Hepatology specialty in Cyprus in a distinct way from that of Gastroenterology or of that in the specialization in the field of Hepatology.

It is also important to ensure the immediate availability of antiviral drugs that for several years have led to the almost complete cure of viral hepatitis C and a great improvement in the case of Hepatitis B.

This does not in any way imply that such drugs are currently licensed and are not currently available to every carrier of viral hepatitis.

Given the urgent need for multidisciplinary monitoring of these patients and based on international protocols and in close cooperation with Centres of Reference abroad, the IFA emphasizes the need to establish specialized Hepatology clinics and a specialized monitoring centre for patients before and after liver transplants, a frequent procedure for people with severe liver disease.

Source: Philenews

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