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Tension again in buffer zone between G/C farmers and Turkish occupation forces (pictures+video)

There was tension between Greek Cypriot farmers and Turkish occupation troops in the buffer zone in the Denia area again on Tuesday morning.

Philenews reports that the farmers were forced to leave the land they were cultivating in the area after they received threats from Turkish occupation troops.

The troops claim that part of the land the farmers were cultivating is not in the buffer zone but is under Turkish occupation.

Four occupation-force soldiers, three vehicles and an UNFICYP force are in the area. Journalists are not allowed to approach.

“Those of us that live in the area, want peace,” Denia community leader Christakis Panayiotou said, adding that the contested land is in the buffer zone and that UNFICYP has been letting them cultivate it since 2013.

Panayiotou said that after the Greek Cypriot farmers are forced to leave the land everyday, Turkish Cypriot farmers enter the area and cultivate the same fields.

He said that problem has to do with the Turkish occupation force, not the Turkish Cypriots. “We have nothing to divide with the Turkish Cypriots,” Panayiotou said.

Denia area farmers report that for about a week now, Turkish occupation forces have started threatening them and contesting part of the land.

Yesterday, the farmers did not go to the location to give time to the Foreign Ministry and UNFICYP to negotiate with the occupation troops.

The so-called Foreign Ministry of the Turkish occupied north denies that there has been any tension in Denia and claims that it is Greek Cypriot propaganda.

They say that between November 15-November 20, a group of 15-20 Greek Cypriots, including journalists, a priest, a camera man approached the buffer zone and shouted chants, before they were told by UNFICYP to leave.

According to the ‘foreign ministry’, around ten days ago, UNFICYP stopped Turkish Cypriots who were using the Fyllia-Denia road to go to a mosque and the Greek Cypriot side is trying to exploit the incident and create tension.

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