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Taxi Service Facilities

There are three types of taxi services available, covering the entire island:
– Interurban: a shared service that provides a daily connection between all major towns of the island.
– Urban: operating within the major towns.
– Rural: operating in village areas.


Interurban Service (shared) Taxis
This service offers the opportunity to share a taxi with 4 – 8 other passengers to make the journey more cost effective for the customer. It provides connections between all major towns of Cyprus (Lefkosia, Lemesos, Larnaka, Pafos, Paralimni and Agia Napa) – every half hour, Monday-Friday 06:00 – 18:00, Saturday and Sunday 07:00 – 17:00.

Seats can be booked by phone or online from the providing companies, and passengers can be collected from – and dropped off at – any location they wish, within the municipal boundaries.

One-way fares range from €8,50 – €14,20 depending on the route, and whether passengers have luggage.

Please note:  This service does not operate on Public Holidays, and does not operate between the airports and the towns, or the towns and villages.

For more information and reservations contact:


Pagkypria Eteria Yperastikon Taxi Ltd (Cyprus Interurban Taxi Co Ltd)

Travel & Express
Tel: (+357) 77 777 474
Email: [email protected]

Leoforos Salaminos, MunicipalParking Place (Kolokasi) – Tel: (+357) 22 730 888

Gonia Kavazoglou & Misiaouli – Tel:  (+357) 25 877 666

a) Gonia Papakyriakou & Marsellou / b) Kimonos 2 – Tel: (+357) 24 661 010

Kinyras 34 – Tel: (+357) 26 923 800

Griva Digeni 105 – Tel: (+357) 23 826 061


Urban Taxis
This is a 24-hour service provided in all towns. Taxis can be booked by phone, or hired directly from the street, and are equipped with taximeters – the use of which is obligatory.
Charging commences upon the passenger entering the taxi, and is based on the following chart:

  Tariff 1
06:01 – 20:30
Tariff 2
20:31 – 06:00
Initial charge   €3,42   €4,36
Fare per km   €0,73   €0,85
Delay or waiting time per hour €13,66 €15,71
For each piece of luggage   €1,20   €1,20
Public Holidays Surcharge   €1,96   €1,96


Please note: Taxis charge an extra supplement of €1,96 per ride during the following Public Holidays:
– December 24, 25, 26 & 31
– January 01
– Good Friday & Good Saturday
– Easter Sunday & Easter Monday
– May 01

Please note: There is an increase of 20% for carrying five (5) passengers, and an increase of 40% for carrying six (6) passengers.

Please note: The transport of pets is allowed only when they are carried in small pet-carrying boxes and incurs an additional charge.

Taxis are strictly regulated. Should you feel you need to make a complaint regarding a taxi service or driver, please forward your complaints to the Road Traffic Department of the relevant town as per below, or to the police on: (+357) 22 802 020.

Vasileos Pavlou 17
1425, Engomi
Tel: (+357) 22 807 000, Fax: (+357) 22 354 030

Korivou – Kampos Polemidion
3112, Polemidia
Tel: (+357) 25 870 426, Fax: (+357) 25 305 674

Acropoleos 13
Aradippou Industrial Area
7101, Aradipou
Tel: (+357) 24 828 253, Fax: (+357) 24 659 714

Industrial area Mesogi
P.O. Box 62191
8061, Pafos
Tel: (+357) 26 821 335 / (+357) 26 821 347, Fax: (+357) 26 821 353


Rural Taxis
Rural taxis operate in village areas and can only be hired from and to their base station. An exception is permitted when hiring is made at the airport or seaport, where the taxi driver must present such document proving the collection of certain customers.

These taxis are not equipped with taximeters and charging is instead based on a kilometre/tariff rate. The minimum charge is €3,64.

Charging commences upon the passenger entering the taxi, and is based on the following chart:

  Tariff 1
06:01 – 20:30
Tariff 2
20:31 – 06:00
Single trip per km  €0,63  €0,75
Return trip per km  €0,49   €0,63
Delay or waiting time per hour €14,45 €18,82
For each piece of luggage weighing more than 12kg  €1,20   €1,96
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