Taste of CyprusLocal FoodLocal cuisine: An introduction

Local cuisine: An introduction

Rich in fresh ingredients and tasty herbs, offers the very best of Mediterranean culinary delights. Head out to a tavern and feast on a sumptuous meze for a selection of dips and mains that will give taste buds something to remember with every bite. The selection is endless: there are salads drenched in virgin olive oil, juicy tomatoes with a good sprinkle of feta cheese, creamy tahini, grilled halloumi, wild mushrooms drenched in lemon, succulent kebabs, spicy village sausage, stuffed vegetables and vine leaves, baked moussaka lamb casseroles and the list goes on. When it comes to dessert, those with a sweet tooth should be sure to nibble on some ‘glikatoukoutaliou’ (preserved fruit in syrup). For a real taste of Cyprus, you can also dig into some refreshing cold mahalepi drenched in pure aromatic rosewater.

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