Honey Balls

As you stroll down Onasagorou street in the old city of Nicosia and suddenly feel the need for something sweet, follow the smell of warm honey. It will lead you to one of the two small dessert places that sell honey balls.

Honey Tokens
This cute little place down Onasagorou sells the traditional Cyprus honey balls. Cooked in syrup, these deep fried dough balls were served to the winners of the Greek Olympics (hence the name of this place “honey tokens”). Here you can create your own honey ball dessert by choosing to accompany the honey balls with one of the many toppings such as crushed walnuts, almonds, traditional Cyprus spoon sweets ( e.g. cherry, watermelon), nutella, chocolate, different flavours of ice cream etc. Or, you can try the savoury versions, the halloumi-lountza honey balls or the cheddar-ham ones. Also worth ordering are the homemade lemonade, the traditional almond-based beverage called “soumada” and the rose-syrup drink diluted either with water or milk.
74, Onasagorou St. Nicosia. Tel. +357 22 664 420

Fever Sweets

The honey balls in this place, right off Onasagorou street, are made the Greek way and look like small rings. Not very syrupy, these honey balls/rings are light and are ideally accompanied with toppings such as honey, sour cherries, ice cream, crushed nuts or even spoon sweets (the rose petals one is amazing). Do try also the pastries and the traditional Greek cakes such as the yoghurt with spoon sweets, the homemade cinnamon cream or the Constantinople delicacy, the “ekmek – kantaifi”.
11, Sofocleous St. ( off Onasagorou), Nicosia. Tel. + 35796236060.
Maria Th. Massoura
Photos:Antonis Antoniou

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