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Cheese truffles with dill

Place pine nuts in a non-stick frying pan without oil over low heat and stir well until they are golden and you can smell their fragrance. Empty immediately in a plate (if you leave them in the pan they will turn black).
In a mixer, beat the different kinds of cheese and fresh cream until they become a smooth, well combined mixture. Empty in a bowl, check taste for salt and pepper and stir in pine nuts. Place mixture in the fridge for about 1hour until it thickens.
Form small patties with the mixture (to make truffles) and roll in dill, making sure that the dill spreads on truffle surface evenly. Cover and keep in the fridge.
Serve cheese truffles as a meze for appetizers or for dinner after the main dish is served to finish off the wine.
(makes 20 truffles):

200g fresh anari cheese
100g feta
100g cream cheese
2 tbsps fresh cream
1 cup finely chopped
fresh dill
3 tbsps pine nuts
or walnuts
Salt, pepper

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