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#TakeCare campaign to raise awareness on road safety among young people

Cyprus ranks 12th in the EU as far as road accident fatalities go with 57 dead per 1 million inhabitants, eight more than the bloc’s average which is 49, according to Eurostat.

The data also shows that 51% of road fatalities in Cyprus were aged between 25 and 39.

That is why the Cyprus Youth Council, with the support of the Youth Board of Cyprus (ONEK), have launched #TakeCare campaign aiming to raise the youth’s awareness on road safety issues.

But the main purpose of this campaign is that young people should not just back and be the receivers of messages, but actually take the lead role themselves.

the protagonists themselves. That is why the Council has invited young people to participate in the campaign as ‘Chiefs’.

The team of ‘Chiefs’ to be created will become the campaign’s driving force. People who have gone through the consequences of a traffic accident, people who are actively involved in road and traffic education, people who are passionate and willing to work for social change will be the backbone of #TakeCare.

Based on United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, the #TakeCare campaign aims to halve the number of deaths and injuries from road accidents worldwide.

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