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Suspense is high over imminent lockdown in Cyprus, final decisions on Friday

As suspense is high over the extent of an imminent coronavirus lockdown in Cyprus, Cabinet has postponed taking final decisions till Friday noon.

At the same time, the President is to meet the island’s party leaders a few hours earlier on Friday to review the amended 2021 state budget which is to be tabled for approval the soonest possible.

The coronavirus preventive measures to be announced depend a lot on the approval of the budget which was voted down by majority in December – in a once-in-lifetime occurrence.

Opposition Akel, Diko, Edek, the Greens, the Citizens Alliance and Independent MP Anna Theologou vetoed the bill.

The setback followed Diko’s threat to take matters to the extreme and veto the budget because the government would not grant the auditor-general access to files relating to the controversial – and now defunct – citizenship-by-investment programme.

The government has made clear this fallout would impact the economy at large but more specifically the healthcare system and the procurement of vaccines for Covid-19.

Not to mention the urgent need for state funds by the coronavirus situation where both businesses and households need immediately financial relief, ministers have argued.

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