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Suspect in credit card fraud case involved in over 70 cases, police say

A 44 year old man who was arrested on Monday on suspicion of credit card fraud has been involved in more than 70 cases since 1998, police say.

The suspect was arrested following a complaint that he had fraudulently managed to transfer €1400 to his credit card by cancelling previous transactions.

Police also received a complaint that he had ordered household equipment worth €1195 from a shop, and pretending he was disabled, asked that it be delivered. Once it was delivered, he said he would pay by telephone and gave the number of a credit card but the transaction failed and the 44 year old could not be reached.

After his arrest, he was transferred to Athalassa Psychiatric Hospital. Hospital officials claim that they were not informed by authorities that the man was under arrest and discharged him the following day.

On Wednesday, a police officer spotted the man at a bank, trying to withdraw money and arrested him.

According to authorities he has been troubling them since 1998.

In 2014 he used the fact that he shared a surname with a well known Cypriot businessman and checked in to a hotel pretending to be his relative.

He stayed for one month, running up a bill of €6,500, before staff realised it was a fraud.

The following year, in 2015, while he awaiting prosecution for another fraud case at Limassol District Court, he managed to escape.

He was arrested two hours after near his home in Limassol.

He was suspected of using a forged credit card to buy to cars worth €32,000 in total.

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