NewsLocalSuggestion to open churches for mass on weekdays to prevent overcrowding

Suggestion to open churches for mass on weekdays to prevent overcrowding

The Archbishop will propose to the President to hold mass on weekdays, or some weekdays, to prevent overcrowding on Sundays, within the framework of gradual lifting of restrictive measures for Covid-19, philenews reports citing sources.

The Archbishop, philenews says, is also expected to suggest the attendance of the faithful to masses in the same manner that applies to businesses; one person per 8 m2.

The Archbishop will also recommend the visit to churches through an SMS request for movement by exception through the inclusion of an extra reason on the system, it was added.

Experts fear mass attendance in churches, therefore they do not favour the inclusion of church-going in the first batch of the lifting of measures, but according to philenews’ sources, the Archbishop will request the easing of measures for churches too in the first stage of easing.

The Church will reportedly propose a half-hour permission for citizens for a visit to their neighbourhood church “to eliminate the void that some feel from the fact that they cannot uninterruptedly go to church.”

The Archbishop reportedly “shares the state’s fears and will propose measures to the President that do not overturn the state’s plans on the one hand and offer options to the faithful on the other that do not pose a great risk to them.”

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