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Student housing rent pricing across Greece in 2020

It’s easier to find student housing in Greece this year though pricing is showing an upward trend.

Xanthi, Ioannina, Pyrgos, Sitia – Ierapetra, Sparta, Karditsa, Kavala and Florina are the exceptions however, with prices there remaining stable and even recording small losses on their maximum asking price.

It should be noted that students house-hunting for student digs in Northern Greece – Kozani, Florina, Kastoria, etc – should exercise caution regarding the monthly expenses in addition to the price of the monthly lease.

In a lot of Northern Greece’s cities, the price for leasing a two-bedroom apartment may be the same as a one-bedroom lease elsewhere in Greece but due to the winters being longer and harsher there, the heating – maintenance costs may cost as much as 50% of the rent price over.

So for example if the monthly lease costs €300 then in reality it will be that plus €150 for heating and maintenance costs every month plus whatever the utilities will cost.

In Heraklion, prices are stable with a loss on maximum asking price for a flatlet and studio, and an increase of €30 per month on the maximum asking price for a two-bedroom flat.

In Chania, prices are still climbing up with the asking price for a studio being at €270 per month currently, while a +14.4% increase is recorded on the maximum asking price for a flatlet and a +22.2% increase for two-bedroom flats.

In Kalamata, prices are also showing an upward trend with the monthly lease for a flatlet being €260 to €300 currently, while two-bedroom flats are scarce to find and monthly leases for those can even cost up to €400.

In Corfu, student housing leasing prices have rocketed with the monthly rent for a studio flat costing €380 per month. Prices for a flatlet there can cost a student anywhere from €260 to €450 per month while for a two bedroom it ranges from €350 to €500 per month.

Mitilini, Chios and Samos also record a considerable increase in rent prices.

The monthly lease for a studio in Mitilini for example ranges from €210 to €250, while for a flatlet or two-bedroom flat it can run up anywhere from €250 to €300 per month.

Finally, Athens offers alternative areas where students can find flatlets for up to €300 per month and two-bedroom apartments suitable for cohabiting with others for up to €500 per month.


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