NewsLocalStreet art by top artists covered in Paphos.

Street art by top artists covered in Paphos.

Street art is now part of modern art and it is sad when the work of recognized artists is being destroyed.

Within the framework of the Festival of Public Art in 2017, when Paphos was the Cultural Capital of Europe, famous Italian artist Millo and important Swiss street artist Meats created important graffiti. However, currently their work has been covered with paint within the framework of the building’s maintenance and Milo expressed his reaction through his personal account on Facebook.

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When asked about the issue, Paphos Mayor Phedon Phedonos said that the graffiti created in 2017 is contingent on the owners of the individual buildings since at the time no public buildings had been selected and no agreements were signed with the owners. So there is no legislation to protect the graffiti or prevent the owner from renovating his property.

In comments on social media, the owners of the buildings said that the renovation was deemed necessary so that the buildings would not be totally destroyed.


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