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Stelios Bi-Communal Awards 2018 announced

Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou has today announced the 50 bi-communal teams (50 Greek-Cypriots and 50 Turkish-Cypriots), each of which will receive cash prizes of €10,000 (total this year is €500,000).

This year, nearly 700 Greek-Cypriots and Turkish-Cypriots collaborated and submitted their applications for Stelios Bi-Communal Awards 2018, to win one of the 50 cash prizes offered by Stelios Philanthropic Foundation. Since 2009, the total value of the awards that were granted to bi-communal collaborations adds up to €3,250.000.

The aim of Sir Stelios’ philanthropic act for the past ten years, is to encourage cooperation between the members of the two communities in Cyprus and to establish lasting peace on the island.

The Awards Ceremony this year will only include the winning teams and their spouses and will be held on October 3, at the newly acquired Headquarters of the Stelios Philanthropic Foundation, on 5 Markou Drakou street, Nicosia, which is walking distance from the Ledra Palace.

The winners have been selected from various backgrounds including business, sciences, arts, sports, NGO work and “partners in life”.

The selection was done in such a way in order to give 60% of the prizes to new applicants and the rest is divided between past winners and past applicants who have not won before. The idea is to encourage new forms of cooperation but also encourage people to keep applying year after year.

“Partners in life” is a category that stands out for backing the overall downward trend in applicant numbers in other categories. This year the applicants in the “Partners in life” category saw an increase in applicants of 2.5 times since last year. As in previous years, a generous proportion of the awards is given to this special category of human cooperation.

The list of the 50 winning Bi-Communal teams is:

Partners in Life – 16 teams

  1. Konstantinou – Mustafa
  2. Georgiou – Tosun
  3. Siamptani – Tuncbilek
  4. Christoudia – Gumuskut
  5. Polydorou – Kormazel
  6. Sea – Doluay
  7. Pogiatzea – Ataser
  8. Louca – Ozkarsiyakali
  9. Kyriakoude – Toker
  10. Hadjiioannou – Kahvecioglu
  11. Onbasi – Onbasi
  12. Avgousti – Akdogu
  13. Elia – Olgun
  14. Christofides – Yuksek
  15. Savvidou – Beidoglu
  16. Pilakouta – Ersoy


Business – 9 teams

  1. Lemis – Sagiroglu (Joint law firm activities)
  2. Roussounidou – Senyigi ( website)
  3. Ioannou – Banu (To publish a recipe book with traditional food and sweets)
  4. Stavrou – Doluay (Digital platform for startups with 1800+ members)
  5. Tsaknakis – Erk (Digital directory for healthcare sector)
  6. Lordos – Eronen (Architects to organise architectural heritage walking tours)
  7. Siahinian – Cananoglu (United Brewers – “Drink for Peace” project)
  8. Constantinou – Koroglu (Interior / furniture designer and manufacturers)
  9. Kouklos – Fasli (Activities concerning boat services, boat repairs, boat training etc.)


Arts – 8 teams

  1. Pantelides – Keleszade (Book publication / translation)
  2. Stelicos – Gokyigit (Photographers taking part to numerous exhibitions)
  3. Petrondas – Saldun (short film “The Hunt”)
  4. Charalambous – Guclu (Bicommunal band the “Blind Man’s Tale”)
  5. Papachristoforou – Yikik (Bilingual poem book)
  6. Hadjipetrou – Kozal (Play – theater – for deaf people)
  7. Modestou – Yahi (Fashion designers / book about heritage fashion in Cyprus)
  8. Michail – Bolayir (Art therapy workshops)


NGO – 6 teams

  1. Missirlis – Imge
  2. CYMEPA – Biological Society (Bicommunal environmental projects)
  3. Perentos – Hizli (Laona Foundation and Lefka NGO – case study on an abandoned mine)
  4. Archimandrides – Aygin (Multicommunal grassroots initiative promoting actions in support of peace and the reunification of the island)
  5. Manoli – Osman (Cycling for peace event in Nicosia)
  6. Heracleous – Bilen (Feminist grassroots project)


Science – 5 teams

  1. Kofou – Zorba (Research project on mental illness between GC & TC)
  2. Hadjikyriacou – Ozkul (History professors – project upon inter-communal coexistence on the island)
  3. Hadjipanayi – Evcimen (Bicommunal study to improve the life and educational conditions of students with Special Educational Needs)
  4. Karra – Ekinci (Cyprus Research Network – for academics)
  5. Zenonos – Karsili (Archaeologists for the Committee on Missing persons)


Sport – 4 teams

  1. Pantopiou – Elektrikci (Million Communications – organizing and promoting sport events, such as running, cycling, swimming etc.)
  2. Theocleous – Koroglu (Classic rally drivers taking part to races as a team)
  3. Nea Salamina – Magusa FC (Football teams – to play a friendly football game)


Other – 3 teams

  1. Karageorgis – Akkorlu (Book about Anafotia Village)
  2. Maratheftis – Akkinci (War veterans)
  3. Mytides – Guden (Mukhtars of the mixed village Pyla)


Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou commented: “This year has been a difficult year to be doing bi-communal work in Cyprus. Following the record year, we had in 2017 with an all time high number of applicants, I have to report that the number of applicants is down (as you would expect from the negative climate). However, focusing on the positive side, still having 700 people apply is a good result for lasting peace on the island. My favourite category which is the partners in life, is the only category that has shown an increase year on year with now giving 16 awards this year vs 9 last year to partners in life. At least at a human level the relations between the two communities are improving. We will be there to keep working for lasting peace on the island for the long run!”


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