Stay HomeNew digital publication by the BoC Cultural Foundation

New digital publication by the BoC Cultural Foundation

Interesting information from the unique manuscript “B-030” is now accessible to researchers and the public.

The monograph Christian Diversity in Late Venetian Cyprus: A Study and English Translation of Codex B-030 from the Collections of the Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation by Dr Chrysovalantis Kyriakou has been made available in digital form.

The monograph, written in English, is the fruit of the postdoctoral programme “Aspects of multiconfessionalism and human geography in early modern Cyprus from the Venetians to the Ottomans (CyChrist)”, hosted by the Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation and completed by postdoctoral researcher, historian Chrysovalantis Kyriakou, under the supervision of Dr Ioanna Hadjicosti, the Cultural Foundation Director. The project is co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund and the European Structural and Investment Funds in Cyprus via the Research and Innovation Foundation.

The monograph affords scholars and the broader public a first-time opportunity to study the contents of the significant Codex B-030 from the Collections of the Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation.

This unique manuscript, written in the Venetian language by an anonymous author around the mid-16th c. vividly describes the conflictual coexistence of various national-religious groups in Cyprus (Greeks, Jacobites, Armenians, Copts, Maronites et.)

Also included are documents of a social, economic and cultural interest, for instance a list with the names of feudal lords, and the revenue of the Venetian state from the maritime trade of Cyprus for the year 1563. The English translation is preceded by an extensive historical introduction and analysis of the content of Codex B-030.

Also explored, within an innovative interdisciplinary methodological framework, is the specific reception and recording of the national-religious coexistence of Christians in Cyprus by the anonymous author, as well as the place of Cyprus on the European map of Christian otherness after the explosion of the Reformation.

Special emphasis is placed on the history of emotions as the anonymous author describes the mores, customs and rituals of the island’s Christian groups. This original approach to reading the History of Cyprus serves to expand the reader’s gaze by enabling a holistic understanding of the psychological, social and cultural dynamics that have formulated the historical reality.

The foreword to the monograph is signed by Professor Graeme Murdock (Trinity College, Dublin), whereas design and copy editing was completed by Maria Fouentas.  The monograph for Codex Β-030 numbers 95 pages and is available online as open-access publication on the website of the Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation ( and “GNOSIS” Institutional Repository of the University of Cyprus (

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