Stay HomeShakespeare available for streaming by the Globe Theatre in London

Shakespeare available for streaming by the Globe Theatre in London

As many people are staying home to help contain the spread of Covid-19, many cultural institutions like museums, libraries and theatres shut their doors and started offering streaming services to the public, including London’s Globe Theatre.

According to the web portal Londonist, the Globe Theatre is now offering exceptional Shakespeare performances through online streaming for rental.

The videos on offer are past performances at the Globe captured on video like “Twelfth night” featuring Stephen Fry, a version of “Coriolanus” from the Japanese theatre group Motoi iura, a female production of “Hamlet” and one production of “The Merchant of Venice” starring Jonathan Pryce.

A total of 74 productions are available through the theatre’s streaming service for the price of 6 to 12 GBP.

The theatre said that theatre productions can be great fun for viewers and also constitute valuable educational material for students in the middle of their studies while their schools are closed.

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