Stay HomeMake delicious Kolokasi at home, with chef Marilena Joannides (video)

Make delicious Kolokasi at home, with chef Marilena Joannides (video)

Cypriot chef Marilena Joannides has shared her delicious recipe for Kolokasi (taro root) as part of online project HomeWithEU of the EU delegation to the US, a campaign that features one cultural activity native to each EU Member State that can be enjoyed while social distancing.

Follow the instructions below as shared by Marilena, and bon appétit!

The traditional cuisine of Cyprus is a treasure of healthy nutritional choices! Pure and seasonal ingredients are prepared using simple processing methods, with the addition of herbs and spices, always with a good sense of measure.

Kolokasi (taro root) is typical of Cyprus. Its vegan version is a flavoursome dish usually served during Greek Orthodox fasting periods. It may also be cooked with pork or chicken and/or koupepia (stuffed vine or chard leaves) as a festive and celebration meal. Follow the instructions of celebrated chef Marilena Joannides below to make it!



1kg kolokasi (taro root)
50g olive oil
1 big onion, chopped
4 celery stalks
1 bitter orange or ½ lemon (juice)
2 tablespoons tomato paste
Salt and pepper


Peel the taro root without washing it and break into pieces, using a knife.

In a casserole, lightly fry the onion. Add kolokasi and celery (chopped) and fry for 2-3’. Dissolve the tomato paste in 500g hot water and stir in. Season with salt and pepper. Semi-cover the casserole and cook over medium to low heat for 20’. Add the bitter orange or lemon juice and cook for 10’ more, till the taro is tender and the sauce has thickened. Serve warm or cold. It may also be prepared without the tomato paste.

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