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State doctors stage work stoppage, outraged at State Health Services Organisation

State doctors represented by state doctors’ unions Pasyki and Pasesi and civil servants’ union Pasydy walked out of a meeting yesterday with the management of the Health Services Organisation (SHSO or Okypy in Greek) and will stage a three hour work stoppage today, Friday. 

Pasyki and Pasesi are proceeding immediately with industrial action today after reportedly disappointing salary proposals yesterday at the SHSO meeting, while Pasydy said it would carefully examine the facts before taking any steps. 

All three unions, however, maintained that the proposal presented to them in yesterday’s meeting constitutes backsliding to the beginning of talks five months ago. The proposal, seen by Phileleftheros, states that “as per SHSO management’s calculations, the organisation’s annual income (approximately 20% higher than October’s income) allows for each specialist doctor to earn a monthly salary of approximately €1,000 and an additional €250 for income earned outside regular working hours. In the case of increase of SHSO’s annual income, each doctor’s monthly salary could reach up to €1,480”. 

Pasyki and Pasesi presidents Soteris Koumas and Andreas Kostis respectively used strong language to comment on developments with Koumas declaring his disappointment and stating that “our union will proceed with the three-hour strike as scheduled with measures certainly escalating in January.” Kostis said that “we are back to zero. The new proposal is even worse than the first one. Unfortunately, instead of providing incentives to attract doctors, they are pushing state doctors towards seeking a new employer.”

President of Pasydy’s doctors’ arm Agathoclis Christofides also expressed disappointment but used milder language saying “we will not participate in the three-hour strike but we will carefully examine the proposal and we will revert. There are certainly some negative points in the document that require improvement, which is why we called for the naming of this proposal as ‘interim’ to allow us the time to compile our counter-proposition to continue talks until January 30.” 

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