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Star lawyer in scandalous Al Jazeera ‘golden passports’ video posts own sound clip

A Paralimni lawyer who had starred in a scandalous ‘golden passports’ video which brought down the House president and an opposition MP on Thursday posted his own sound clip of the meetings with the undercover Al Jazeera reporters.

Andreas Pittadjis then called on Al Jazeera to explain why it did not report exactly what he told the undercover journalists last October but rather edited his comments on a whim.

Pittadjis, who posted the sound clip on social media, also said he had suspected them and had also recorded their meetings.

“I challenge you to tell all the truth I challenge you to send to Cyprus the full video recordings not just the ones which are cut and edited according to your whim,” Pittadjis said.

“I may be stabbed in the back, betrayed, allegedly corrupt and despicable but I am not afraid of you, I am not afraid of the truth…” he added.

The release of the Al Jazeera expose had been the last stroke for the island’s much criticised citizenship by investment programme which was axed last November.

Pittadjis said he had decided to break his silence after three months of humiliation, harassment and marginalisation.

The undercover investigation had revealed how senior Cypriot officials discussed ways to provide citizenship to a convicted Chinese criminal in violation of provisions by the island’s investment scheme.


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