NewsLocalSpecial allowance paid to 7500 beneficiaries, 5500 still pending

Special allowance paid to 7500 beneficiaries, 5500 still pending

The Labour Ministry said that special unemployment allowance was paid today to some 7500 beneficiaries after discrepancies, mostly relating to their bank accounts, were settled.

It added that the ministry had today also contacted 412 employers who have submitted applications for the partial or total suspension of their businesses’ operation for payment of the special unemployment allowance to their employees to correct their applications.

Officials had spoken by telephone to all 412 employers whose applications had not been processed because of discrepancies and they were asked to contact their employees so that they can submit new applications.

Once these applications are submitted, the special unemployment allowance will be paid immediately to about 5550 employees working at these businesses.

Employers were asked to notify their employees about the problem.

The ministry said that payment of the special allowance will continue over the next few days.

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