News World South African super-gran fights off armed hijackers (video)

South African super-gran fights off armed hijackers (video)

A super-gran has made the news after she fought off armed hijackers in Gauteng province in South Africa.

According to the Daily May, the brave granny fought off hijackers who pointed guns at her through her car windows and threatened to shoot her dead.

Despite having a robber at both the driver’s window and passenger side window aiming their pistols at her head she calmly slammed her Jeep Grand Cherokee into reverse, it said.

She had been trapped on her own drive by the robbers’ car which followed her through her gate and parked behind her with three gunmen jumping out to steal her top-of-the-range 4×4.

She then put her foot on the accelerator and stunned the gunmen by reversing straight into their getaway car.

The grandmother can be seen pulling forward and trying unsuccessfully twice to get her Jeep into reverse gear as the shocked gunmen jump into their getaway car before she finds the right gear.

As the getaway car reverses she reverses even faster and rams the car a second time and drives over the bonnet of the hijackers car before slamming the car into forward gear.

She then rams the getaway car a third time and drives over the rear wing of the car before the hijackers reverse off up the road and escape while the granny returns home triumphant.

The CCTV of the incident was filmed and posted on Twitter.

Many on Twitter praised her behaviour although others warned that it was unwise and that she was lucky not to have been shot dead with some suggesting the guns were not real.

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