NewsLocalSix fined €400 for playing futsal in midst of pandemic

Six fined €400 for playing futsal in midst of pandemic

Paphos district court on Tuesday fined six youths €400 each after police found them playing futsal in violation of lock down decrees to contain the spread of coronavirus, CyBC’s Paphos correspondent reports.

He said that the six were taken to court today and fined.

He added that six Georgian nationals were fined €500 each for holding a gathering at a house.

Only residents of a house are allowed to be there as part of social distancing rules.

And in Larnaca police fined 21 Indian nationals €300 each after their broke up two gatherings at houses. One was arrested for being drunk and disorderly, CyBC’s Larnaca correspondent reported.

Yesterday Paphos district court handed down fines of €400 and €380 to five individuals who had violated the stay at home decree.

Paphos: 5 fined total of €1980 for breaking decree

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