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Six countries move to lower Categories, one moves up starting September 5

On Tuesday, Cyprus’ Ministry of Health announced that 6 countries are being downgraded and one country is being upgraded after reviewing the epidemiological risk for passengers travelling from these countries.

Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Lichtenstein move from Category A to B.

Australia moves from Category C up to B.

Rwanda and Monaco move from Category B to C.

New categories will be valid starting September 5.

Category A – Low risk countries at the present stage

European Union Member States: 1) Germany, 2) Estonia, 3) Latvia, 4) Lithuania, 5) Finland

Schengen Area Members: 1) Norway

Third Countries: 1) Georgia, 2) Canada, 3) New Zealand, 4) South Korea, 5) Thailand

Passengers coming from Category A countries are not required to present a laboratory test certificate upon arrival.

Category B – Countries with possibly low risk but greater uncertainty compared to Category A

European Union Member States: 1) Austria, 2) Belgium, 3) Denmark, 4) Greece, 5) Ireland, 6) Italy, 7) Hungary, 8) Poland, 9) Portugal, 10) Sweden, 11) Slovakia, 12) Slovenia, 13) Czech Republic

United Kingdom

Schengen Area Members: 1) Switzerland, 2) Iceland, 3) Lichtenstein

Small states: 1) Vatican City, 2) San Marino

Third Countries: 1) Uruguay, 2) China, 3) Japan, 4) Australia

All passengers from Category B need to show a valid Covid-19 negative test done 72 hours prior to their departure.
Cypriot citizens and their spouses, citizens with legal residency in the country, and passengers who fall under the Vienna Convention category can be tested at the airport upon their arrival.

Passengers who cannot be tested at the countries of their origin because a Covid-19 test is not provided for at labs can also be tested in Cyprus.

The cost of the examination will be borne by the travellers themselves and they have to remain in isolation for 14 days and can break quarantine only if their test comes back negative.

Category C – Countries with increased risk compared to categories A and B

European Union Member States: 1) Bulgaria, 2) France, 3) Croatia, 4) Luxembourg, 5) Romania, 6) Spain, 7) Malta, 8) The Netherlands

Small countries: 1) Andorra, 2) Monaco

Third counties: 1) Algeria, 2) Serbia, 3) Morocco, 4) Montenegro, 5) Rwanda, 6) Tunisia, 7) Russia, 8) Ukraine, 9) Faroe Islands, 10) Egypt, 11) United Arab Emirates, 12) Israel, 13) Lebanon, 14) Qatar, 15) Bahrein, 16) Saudi Arabia

All other countries not listed as Category A or B, fall into Category C by default.

Information and instructions are available at

All passengers regardless of country category shall be obliged to file an application for the CyprusFlightPass ( within 24 hours prior to their flight departure.

It is reiterated that the above categorisation of countries shall take effect on September 5, the announcement concluded.

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