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Sick man negative from Covid dies from infection while in Nicosia General Hospital

The death from Covid-19 of a sick man who was admitted at Nicosia General Hospital negative from the infection has surfaced the fact that relatives of in-patients enter wards from non-designated entries.

The admittance is in a response to a letter by the daughter of 77-yer-old Christodoulos Christodoulou who passed away from Covid-19 at the specific hospital early in January. He had been admitted there with intestinal disorders and abdominal pain.

The response from State Health Services Organisation (Okypy) also said: “Visits during your father’s hospitalization were prohibited. Unfortunately, there are reports of relatives entering the wards from non-designated entries.”

It also said: “When they were spotted, recommendations were made for immediate departure from the ward. In some cases, the police had been also called.”

In her letter to the Minister of Health, Maria Ioannou also wondered how relatives of patients were allowed to enter the wards and transmit the virus. And why her father was not isolated in time or  transferred to the Covid-19 special ward in Famagusta Hospital.


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