Taste of CyprusLocal FoodShaken potatoes (antinahtes)

Shaken potatoes (antinahtes)

Either you thrash the coriander seeds in a mortar, without making them into dust, or you gradually crush them in a blender.
Rinse the potatoes and dry them. Then, either hit each potato one by one to break them, without splitting in half, or slice them deeply with a knife in 2-3 places.  Heat the oil in a pan and fry the potatoes until they brown on all sides. Add 1 cup of wine and 3/4 of the coriander and let it come to a boil. Close the pan with its lid, reduce fire and let them cook until they are soft, shaking the pan every now and then (by holding the pan by its handles and holding the lid with a cloth).


1kg (15-18) small fresh potatoes, with their skin
6 tbsps olive oil
1 ½ cup (roughly) red (or white) dry wine
2 tbsps of dry coriander, sea salt

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