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Services not covered by GeSY and offered under it to incur fines

The Health Insurance Organisation (HIO) reminds all health care providers as well as General Healthcare System (GeSY) beneficiaries that the system does not cover services by doctors or other providers that concern the issuance of certificates and health cards.

This includes health cards for athletes, professional health certificates or health cards for the purposes of concluding an insurance policy, issuing a driving license, securing employment, participation in the armed forces, employment in security forces, and securing spots on sports teams or sports, etc.

Additionally, services such as laboratory, imaging, and diagnostic tests for such purposes are also not covered.

Therefore, these services are to be performed outside the services of GeSY and the provider may be reimbursed for them directly by the person requesting them.

It is further clarified that wherever HIO observes cases of issuance of referrals for the above examinations or activities for the above purposes, it will apply the provisions included in legislation regarding GeSY including administrative fines and/or other measures.

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