NewsLocalSecond woman HIV positive says she suffered discrimination

Second woman HIV positive says she suffered discrimination

Not even 48 hours have passed since an HIV positive woman released to the press a letter she sent to the Attorney General accusing doctors of not treating her, a second case emerged regarding an incident that occurred last Sunday.

A second HIV positive woman who was injured was transferred to the First Aid Department of a private hospital. After the preliminary exams and after it was ascertained that she needed further treatment, she was informed that she could not be treated there but had to go to Grigorion Clinic in Larnaca, which is the reference hospital for HIV positive patients.

The president of the Center Supporting HIV Positive Patients said these two incidents are not the only one. Even though Cyprus is a European country, she noted, these incidents remind one of the situation in 1985 when HIV first appeared. She pointed out that a letter will be sent to all relevant bodies. She also said that there are many doctors in Cyprus who treat HIV patients and these incidents do not apply to all doctors.

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