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Rosemary at the Old Port

A brand new and promising fast food restaurant in the area of the old Port in Limassol near the sea which has all the features to be a reference point, at the already growing area. The wonderful smell of rosemary that prevails throughout its whole area, will make you remember the carefree moments in your grandmother’s yard while the combination of traditional and modern options offered on the menu will take you on a tasteful adventure. On the menu you will find a wide range of delicious gyrous of Greek and Cypriot pitta and the meat of your choice (pork, chicken or mix), a huge variety of Arabic, Greek and Cypriot breads as well as the authentic Italian Ciabatta, all fresh and dialectal in taste of your choice (Classic, Beetroot, Basil or Cuttlefish) but also sandwiches, hot-dog, salads and many other delicacies.

Old Port Limassol, 70070717

Monday to Sunday 11:00-23:00

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