Taste of Cyprus Local Food Roasted leg of lamb stuffed with feta and herbs

Roasted leg of lamb stuffed with feta and herbs


-1 lamb leg, approximately 2 ½ kg (ask your butcher to trim the lamb and remove the bone from the tibia and the thigh, leaving only the bottom of the leg)

-2 onions (cut in 4 parts)

-1 handful of fresh thyme sticks

-2-3 rosemary sticks

-3-4 bay leaves

-1/2 cup of white wine

-2 spoons of olive oil

-2-3 garlic cloves, cut into two pieces

-salt, pepper

For the filling:

-3/4 cup (120 gr.) smashed feta cheese

-2 garlic cloves (grated)

-½ teaspoon oregano

-1 teaspoon grated lemon

-2 spoons of chopped parsley

For the sauce:

-1 lemon (juice)

-1 full teaspoon corn flower

-salt and pepper


-Put together in a bowl the smashed feta cheese, the garlic cloves, oregano, the grated lemon and the chopped parsley and mix well.

-Keep the filling aside.

-Preheat the oven to 180°C.

-Remove the extra fat and then spread it with the cut side up.

-Spread the stuffing over the inside.

-Put some oil to the meat and then spread rosemary, thyme, bay and garlic. Roll up tightly

-Then, cover the pan with a double-foil baking sheet and put it in the oven

-Cook for an hour, lower the oven temperature to 150°C and keep baking for another 1 ½ hour.

-Unfold the pan (only the top) and add the white wine.

-Turn the heat to 180°C and keep baking for another 30-40 minutes.

-Take the lamb off the oven, put it on a platter and let sit in a warm place, covered with aluminium foil.

-Remove the excess fat from the pan with a spoon.

-Put the stew into a saucepan, add lemon and corn flower (dissolved in 5-6 tablespoons of water), salt, pepper and then boil.

-Slice the lamb and serve with mixed salad and boiled new potatoes, if you like.

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