NewsLocalRoad update: mudslides, slippery roads

Road update: mudslides, slippery roads

Police have issued an update on road conditions saying that there have been rock and mudslides on the Lazani-Macheras road in the Nicosia district on Wednesday morning because of the heavy rain.

Rock and mudslides also occurred early on Wednesday on the Zoopigis -Kalo Chorio and the Kalo Chorio and Louvaras roads in the Limassol district.

Crews are cleaning up the road, police said.

Snow has fallen in the Troodos mountains and roads are slippery. Roads in the Mount Olympus area are open only to four wheel drive vehicles or cars fitted with snow chains.

No other serious problems have been reported, but roads are slippery because of the rain, police added.

Drivers are urged to drive slowly and to keep a safe distance from other vehicles. Special care must be taken on roads where water may have accumulated.


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