News Local Released Israeli youths may sue accuser, lawyers tell CNA

Released Israeli youths may sue accuser, lawyers tell CNA

A 19 year old British woman under arrest on suspicion of filing a false complaint of gang rape may be sued by the young Israelis who had been detained as suspects, two lawyers representing some of the young men told the Cyprus News Agency on Sunday.

The woman was arrested on Sunday and is due to appear in court on Monday on suspicion of giving false statements and public mischief.

She had initially reported to police that she had been gang raped by 12 young Israelis at a hotel in Ayia Napa.

Citing police sources, the Cyprus News Agency said that following the results of the investigations and the relevant telecommunication data, there was no evidence against the seven.

Other reports said that under questioning to clarify aspects of her statement, the woman had admitted that the allegation was false saying she had had consensual sex with some of the youths and made up the claim out of anger when she realised that she had been filmed.

Twelve Israeli youths aged between 15 and half and 18 and a half were initially arrested as suspects. Five were released on Thursday and the remaining seven on Sunday after nothing incriminating was found against them.

“The result did not surprise me,” attorney Nir Jeslovich who represents three of the seven suspects told the Cyprus News Agency.

“I knew from the beginning that my clients were innocent. They did nothing to that girl. I am very pleased with this happy development. When they were told the decision of the police they were all very happy. Some of them even burst into tears,” he said.

Asked what the next steps will be, he said that he would see to it that his clients take legal action against the British woman.

“I think the girl should consider what she made these seven boys undergo. Their days in prison were crazy for them and for me. You must understand that they are underage,” he said noting that this was a terrible experience but what was important is that they are now home.

Ioannis Hambaris, a lawyer for three of the youths said lawyers had taken the correct legal measures so that evidence could come to light to lead to the release of the young men.

“We believe the police did an excellent job with this case. It acted quickly, decisively and with determination so that we could have today’s results. Some clients will proceed with law suits against the woman,” he said.

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