Insider Business Registration of motor vehicles up 17.6% in January-June

Registration of motor vehicles up 17.6% in January-June

The total number of registration of motor vehicles increased by 17.6% to 26,059 in January-June 2018, from 22,157 vehicles in the same period of 2017, according to data released on Monday by the Statistical Service of Cyprus.

Passenger saloon cars increased to 21,642, from 18,290 in January-June 2017 recording an increase of 18.3%. Of the total passenger saloon cars, 7,726 or 35.7% were new and 13,916 or 64.3% were used cars.  Goods conveyance vehicles increased by 20.7% to 2,613 in January-June 2018, compared to 2,164 in January-June 2017.

Light goods vehicles increased by 24.2% to 2,232, from 1,797 in January-June 2017.

Heavy goods vehicles increased by 28.0% to 279 in January-June 2018, from 218 in January-June 2017.

Road tractors (units of trailers) decreased to 102 in January-June 2018, from 149 in January-June 2017.

Mopeds < 50cc numbered 149 in January-June 2018, as they were in January-June 2017.

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