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Rebel City Walk

June 13, 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm

This city walk will explore the alternative political history of Nicosia –and particularly of the old city space north and south of the buffer zone- after 2000.

The guides, together will the participants, will reflect on how global anti-authoritarian social movements, such as the Alter-globalization movement and Occupy, intermingle with and inform local movements including the movement for peace and reconciliation, as well as smaller urban anti-authoritarian initiatives that struggle against patriarchy, militarism, fascism and nationalism.

Strolling the city we will stop at former squats, social centres and alternative coffee shops, we will consider the political use of squares by disenfranchised groups and the effects of their commercialization, and we will reflect on the slogans and posters on city walls that narrate stories about the otherwise silenced desires of Nicosia’s dwellers.

The tour will start and finish at the Home for Cooperation and will be conducted in English.

Guides: Georgina Christou and Halil Karapaşaoğlu

Participation fee: 10€ / 60 TL*

*The contributions of participants will be used for the support of the non-for-profit organizations AHDR and Home for Cooperation working for peace and reconciliation in Cyprus

****REGISTRATIONS ARE MANDATORY: [email protected]***

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