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Thousands of primary, secondary students back to school

Thousands of primary and secondary level students went back to school early on Monday after a summer recess prolonged this year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Their return to classrooms was postponed for a week due to the high temperatures, humidity, radiation and  dust levels in the atmosphere. Students aged 12 and above have to wear a mask throughout the day, afterall.

In the meantime, children have been informed on health protocols and safety rules, while secondary school students and parents were handed a relevant information package.

Ministry of Education data shows that 331 primary level schools with a total of 51,540 students are in operation as of Monday.

Along with 273 nurseries with a total of 11,705 students and nine special education schools with 484 students.

As for secondary level education, 64 Gymnasiums with 23,323 students, seven six-grade schools and five evening gymnasiums-lyceums.

Technical education has 4,640 registered morning school students while 350 will attend evening classes.


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