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Rats and rodents sauntering about freely in Kaimakli

The now long standing rat and rodents infestation problem in Kaimakli seems to have become somewhat permanent since you can see them wandering about the area undisturbed.

The problem is more prominent mainly during the rainy season but also in the dense vegetation that grows in fields and plots along the Green Line zone bordering the community which make for a fine nest.

At the same time, this situation poses other risks like fires.

Philenews, received complaints from residents in the area, who in many cases spotted dozens of rodents roaming in their yards and in the surrounding streets.

Talking with the Municipal Councillor of Nicosia Chrysanthos Fakas, Philenews mentioned the problem, and he said that general campaigns as well as targeted ones are already being carried out in the area by the Nicosia City Hall since they know and are dealing with the issue.

Especially with regards to the Green line which is also the “gateway” of entry for the rats and rodents, since the fields etc there do not receive the proper care, Fakas added.

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