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Rape investigation continues, suspects may go through police line-up

Twelve Israeli youths in custody for the alleged rape of a 19 year old British woman in Ayia Napa may go through a police line-up in the next few day, Philenews reports.

It said that police investigations into the alleged rape at a hotel in Ayia Napa last week are continuing.

Citing sources, the website said that police investigators are taking statements from the 12 suspects.

Most deny any involvement, while a couple have reportedly said they were in the room but did not have any contact with the 19 year old. Two have reportedly told police that they had sex with the woman but that it was consensual.

The same source said that the suspects may take part in a police line-up, but that this would also depend on whether the woman is prepared to undergo this procedure. In such an event, she will be asked whether she identifies any of the 12 through a one-way glass pane.

Police are still waiting for the DNA test results from the room of the 19 year old woman and from the alleged victim and the suspects.

The suspects’ mobile telephones and their telecommunication data are also been checked.

The eight day remand of the 12 expires on Friday when they are expected to appear before Famagusta district court.

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